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Technisch applicatiebeheerder / Productiemedewerker / Electromonteur

Referentie: 0268

I am a technical person, but I also pay detail attention which is to be very hands-on in my role to get a sense of achievement by ensuring that the products has been satisfactorily implemented and tested.

My on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set like implementing advanced diagnostic tools, collaborating with other engineers and problem solving abilities. The best part of my work attitude is to identify the defects quickly, fix it as necessary or report it without losing the main focus.

Another aspect of my character that I strongly admit is being proactive in any situation, open to new ideas, willing to learn and always looking for improvements. While I am a logical and organized person, I understand the commercial needs of the client and the importance of reviewing.


Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Specialization: Mechatronics.


Doorzettingsvermogen, Leergierig, Initiatief, Technisch inzicht, Oog voor detail


Embedded Software Engineer - VDL
Test and Verification Engineer - Philips Healthcare


Fulltime (36/40 uur)

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